Official Fiesta Men's Pachuco Huarache

Men's Pachuco Huarache Sandals - Reddish Brown

Men's Pachuco Huarache Sandals - Reddish Brown

These are authentic Huarache Sandals imported directly from El Sahuayo, Michoacan, Mexico.

These huaraches are handmade with leather uppers and tire outer soles.

The inner sole is lined with authentic leather. Please keep in mind that these huaraches are each handmade and may vary slightly from the image pictured. When you receive your pair of huaraches they will be marked with a size, which is the Mexican size.

We have gone ahead and listed the US size on our order page. For example, when you order a US size 8 you will receive huarache sandals marked with a 7.



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Men's Pachuco Huarache Sandals - Brown
Men's Pachuco Huarache Sandals - Black

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Huaraches Tip

True huaraches are individually handmade, while today, many variations of huaraches are made by machine.

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