Traditional Huaraches

Traditional huaraches use traditional materials, plus handmade craftsmanship, to give you the most authentic huarache experience possible. These are handmade designs, not machine milled perfection. So revel in the small imperfections and enjoy your traditional sandals.

Available Huaraches

D'classico Closed Toe Huaraches - Brown

D'classico Closed Toe Huaraches
Men's Closed Toe Huarache Sandals -- Mexican Huaraches - Leather Sandals_tan_11

Men's Semi Closed Toe Huarache Sandals
Men's Pachuco Huarache Sandals - Reddish Brown

Official Fiesta Men's Pachuco Huarache
Women's Mexican Genuine Leather Sandals Silva Huarache Sandals Huaraches_brown_8

Women's Silva Huarache Sandals


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Huaraches Tip

Huaraches come in all different shapes, styles, sizes, and colors.

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