Tejidas Tioga Women's Huarache

Footsmart Tejidas Tioga Huaraches--white,6

Footsmart Tejidas Tioga Huaraches--white,6

FootSmart Tejidas Tioga Huarache Sandals are handcrafted in Mexico with integrated stretch adjustability

Introducing exclusive FootSmart Tejidas, named after the Spanish word for “woven”.

Every step will be a comfortable one, thanks to the two-layer cushioning system, which combines a shock absorbing bottom layer with a top layer of memory foam.

Plus, breathable linings help keep your foot cool and dry.

The closed-back styling on the woven leather upper helps protects your toes, while the D-ring hook-and-loop closure on the backstrap adjusts for a just-right fit you’ll love.

Three innovative, strategically placed stretch bands flex with your foot for added give and flexibility.

Durable thermopolymer outsole.



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Footsmart Tejidas Tioga Huaraches--natural,6
Footsmart Tejidas Tioga Huaraches--rust Tan,6
Footsmart Tejidas Tioga Huaraches--navy,6

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Huaraches Tip

True huaraches are individually handmade, while today, many variations of huaraches are made by machine.

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