Naturalizer Nerissa Women's Huarache

Naturalizer Nerissa Huaraches--saddle Tan,6

Naturalizer Nerissa Huaraches--saddle Tan,6

Weave a comfortable path with extra cushioning and contoured support in Naturalizer Nerissa Huarache Sandals Made with N5 Contour technology, this casual, open-toe Huarache sandal is a warm-weather must-have.

The dual-density latex foam footbed offers heel-to-toe softness, as well as extra cushioning at the ball-of-foot, arch and heel.

The flexible thermoplastic rubber outsole gives with each step, while the contoured heel and arch support help promote a more balanced stride.

Plus, it all feels lightweight and breathable for added comfort.

The strappy leather upper is crafted in a timeless, woven design you’ll love to wear.



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Naturalizer Nerissa Huaraches--white - Silver,6
Naturalizer Nerissa Huaraches--red Coral,6

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Huaraches Tip

True huaraches are individually handmade, while today, many variations of huaraches are made by machine.

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