Children's Huaraches

A selection of huarache sandals for baby's, toddlers, and youth.

Available Huaraches

Baby And Toddler Leather Huarache Sandal, Buckle, Dark Brown, Huarache, 13mex

Baby/Toddler Sole Solé Huaraches with Buckle
Children's Leather Huarache Sandal, Buckle, 3 Colors, Huarache

Children's Sole Solé Huaraches with Buckle
Women's And Girls' Leather Huarache With Textile Inlay, Buckle, Natural, Made In Mexico With Recycled Materials

Girls Sole Solé Huaraches with Textile Inlay


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Huaraches Tip

True huaraches are individually handmade, while today, many variations of huaraches are made by machine.

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