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Xero Shoes • Original Barefootware Barefoot..

PLUS!™ sandals * As seen on Shark Tank on ABC TV * worn by over 30,000 people in 87 countries, aged 2 to 92 * great for walking, running, hiking, gym-going, yoga, the beach...

everything * you get the fun and health benefits of being barefoot, with a layer of protection * make them as simple as you want, or decorate them to express yourself * custom-made to perfectly fit your foot * inexpensive (starting at $19.95!) * 5,000 mile warranty! * WINNER: Grovie Award - Best Huaraches Sandals - TOP RATED: 94 out of 100 rating from The Running Clinic Xero Shoes are the closest thing you can get to being barefoot...

PLUS a layer of protection, a perfect fit, and a style you can call your own.



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XeroShoes are a modern take on the traditonal barefoot running sandal. They are an affordable, stylish, and durable layer of protection that are so light and flexible that it feels like you are wearing nothing.

Huaraches Tip

True huaraches are individually handmade, while today, many variations of huaraches are made by machine.

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