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The Mono (Monkey en EspaƱol) is our do everything, go everywhere sandal.

When you're hiking, traveling, lounging, camping, running, spelunking, or anything else-ing, this is your go-to footwear.

The Mono (pronounced "moe-no") is made up of a light, moldable Vibram sole combined with the Pittards Premium Leather or non-slip MGT footbed for a total thickness of 12mm.

The protective, lightweight sole allows for a wide variety of uses from casual wear to trail running, while the overall thickness means the ankle holes can be countersunk to reduce wear on the laces.

Mono Weight (single sandal, men's size 9, ATS laces, either footbed): about 4.6 oz FOOTBED OPTIONS You can choose between the Pittards Premium Leather footbed and the MGT footbed.

Our MGT (Monkey Grip Technology) footbed maintains the black, low profile, look of the naked top Lunas while improving traction and durability.

For wet and muddy conditions the MGT footbed is king.

The Pittards High Performance Leather footbed adds comfort, helps your sandals form to your feet, and absorbs some moisture.

The MGT footbed is still the ultimate in wet weather running, however the Pittards footbed offers a natural and beautiful looking alternative.

ATS LACES The Mono comes with our secure and comfortable ATS (All Terrain Strapping) laces.

The ATS laces include our Luna Plug System, which consists of a soft, tubular nylon between the toes and a flat plug under the outsole for extended wear protection.

The remainder of the laces are made up of a 5/8" climbing-grade tubular nylon with an elasticized heel strap, making the sandals easy to slip on and off.

The buckle at the top of the foot allows for simple adjustments thanks to the ability to tighten and loosen the buckle and slide the strap up and down the toe strap.

To keep the buckle from slipping while you're wearing them, a strip of MGT (Monkey Grip Technology) has been added to the buckle area.

All sandals with the MGT footbed and ATS laces will be made with vegan elasticized laces in the heel strap, making them entirely vegan! **Note: The ATS laces are not interchangeable with other laces at this time.**



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Luna Sandals are the stylish evolution of barefoot running with simple designs that look and feel great.

Huaraches Tip

Huaraches are also a traditional Mexican dish in which the stuffed cactus paddles look like little Mexican sandals.

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