Why wear huaraches?

Why Should You Wear Huaraches?

A lot of people ask us, “Why should I wear Huaraches?”  We think there are several good answers to this.  The simplest is that people just love them, but beyond that, huaraches are a versatile and fun type of footwear.

Huaraches are a simple, comfortable, back to the basics type of sandal. In this age of air pumped inserts, fancy outsoles, and flashy brands, huaraches are a call back to a simpler time.  The native Americans of Mexico lived comfortably for thousands of years with similar types of sandals.  A tribe of native Americans who lived the in the dry, rocky mountainous regions of Mexico, developed a simple type of very thin leather footwear that protected their feet and enabled them run miles at a time with no foot damage.  It’s amazing how a simple design can be a comfortable and practical piece of footwear.

Classic huaraches tend to be a cheaper type of footwear that is perfect for taking to the beach or lake.  The leather is usually resilient and can get wet and will mold itself to your feet.  Many people prefer wearing huaraches to the beach instead of flip flops.  If your classic huaraches get ruined, then it’s no big deal, and they are simple to replace.  But most huaraches last many, many years.  People have reported to us that their huaraches have lasted 10 to 20 years because of the recycled tire sole.  If you can put 80,000 miles on a set of tires, imagine how many miles you can put on your huaraches!

Huaraches are perfect for warm or wet climates.  Mexicans and many throughout Latin America, wear huaraches, or similar types of sandals.  In the US, along the coast, the south, and warm summers of the Midwest, people wear huaraches.

We’ve heard from many baby boomers that huaraches remind them of a time of their youth.  The 60’s and the growing counter culture movement provided a fertile environment for environmentally friendly huaraches.  Huaraches promote recycling and environmental solutions to things like clothing and footwear.  To some it was an idealistic and fun period, a time when they were young and happy.  Other’s picture it more as a time when people were coming together and things like huaraches were common place and a sign of the times.  Still to others it reminds them of the surf culture that grew up on the west coast of the country along the beautiful beaches of California.

Today, people have more choices when it comes to huaraches.  Many companies have reinvented the huarache and provided them in new styles, colors, materials, and sizes.  From the hand made designs of the huarachero to the trendy, sleek designs of well known labels, huaraches are making a comeback.  Now you can find huaraches in everything from recycled tires and leather to cushiony Italian leather.  Every color under the rainbow is now possible and you can find sizes up to 15.

We’d like to think that the Internet is helping to further a new generation of huarache wearers.  What was once old, is now new, and the classic is now modern.  For what ever reason you wear huaraches, we hope you enjoy your time in them!

Huaraches Tip

Huaraches are famous for featuring the iconic recycled tire sole. The Beach Boys sang about huaraches.

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