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SeƱorella and the Glass Huarache

Plot Overview
In a Mexican restaurant, a man named Jose tells to his friend, Manuel, the story of Senorella, a Mexican version of Cinderella. Senorella's dream of liberation from her slavish existence under the yoke of her wicked "Strap-mother" and "Strap-seesters", comes true after her fairy godmother grants her a night as a ravishing beauty at the fiesta at a bullfighter's father's estate.


*Directed by *
Hawley Pratt

*Writing credits (in alphabetical order)*
John W. Dunn

*Cast (in alphabetical order)*
Mel Blanc .... (voice)
Tom Holland .... (voice)

*Original Music by *
Milt Franklyn

*Film Editing by *
Treg Brown

*Visual Effects by*
Harry Love .... effects animator

*Other crew*
Gerry Chiniquy .... animator
Lee Halpern .... animator
Bob Matz .... animator
Tom O'Loughlin .... background artist
Hawley Pratt .... layout artist
Virgil Ross .... animator

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I first watched this classic Warner Bros. short on the Nickelodeon children's network when it was a part of their daily "Looney Tunes" program and I instantly fell in love with it. After that first showing, I was hoping the network would show it again at a later date, as I was taping most of the Merrie Melodies/Looney Tunes shorts for later viewing. They did show it again--and yes, I taped it. I watch "Senorella" along with the other shorts on tape every now and then, and it still makes me laugh every time I view it.

This animated short starts off with two Mexican drunks in a bar who are only seen as figures in shadow over a visible sign for a play (or movie) called "Cinderella and the Glass Slipper", and one of them relates the "Senorella" story to the other--but with a few exceptions. Senorella is shown as a dirty, disheveled, thin girl; the wicked stepmother and stepsisters are gluttonous; there are bugs helping Senorella with the chores instead of mice; and instead of Prince Charming, there's a single but inept bullfighter named Don Miguel, whose wealthy father desperately wants to marry off.

Don Miguel's dad arranges a ball in which all of the women of the village are invited, and like in the classic Cinderella tale, Senorella gets uninvited by her stepmother. Of course, the Fairy Godmother comes to her aid, and in a hilarious twist, she makes Senorella look like a gorgeous hooker--complete with glass huaraches! Senorella then goes to the ball, dances with the bullfighter, and runs out of the ball at the stroke of midnight; leaving one of her glass huaraches behind.

After a nervewracking search, Don Miguel and his dad finally found Senorella in a muddy pig's trough the following day (she was put there by her stepmother to hide her away from them). He then placed the huarache on her foot and took her away from her wretched stepfamily to marry her. They ended up living happily ever after as "manuelo and wife" (as the narrator ended the tale before we see the drunks' shadowy figures one last time as the cartoon comes to a close).

The good folks at Warners did a great job with this short, and although it's not a big side-splitter by any means, it is an enjoyable change of pace from the standard Bugs Bunny and Co. fare, which is what most animation buffs tend to remember and enjoy more over the years. I give this hilarious but forgotten piece of animation history ten stars.

User: bbwvixen67 from Baton Rouge, LA

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