How huaraches are made

How Huaraches Are Made

Huaraches are made by hand by leather craftsmen called Huaracheros. While modern huaraches have introduced synthetic materials into the process, the art of making them is still very similar.

  1. The leather parts are cut and prepared. Sometimes the leather is worked with a powdery substance.
  2. The Huarachero temporarily attaches the leather parts and insole to the last with tacks. This creates the characteristic small holes you will see in traditional huaraches.
  3. The leather parts are woven together with a single unending strand of leather. The weave varies from style to style as does the thickness of the leather.
  4. The wet weaving is hammered flush on the last. Then the huaraches dry on their lasts.
  5. The huaraches are hand burnished with a wedge.
  6. The leather or recycled tire tread outsoles are then attached.
  7. The huaraches are bagged or tied and sent to market.

Huaraches Tip

Huaraches are famous for featuring the iconic recycled tire sole. The Beach Boys sang about huaraches.

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