Huaraches.com and Our Mission

Our Story

Huaraches.com is the evolution of the original Changunga.com, the site that started it all by selling authentic Mexican leather footwear online, but, ended up being known for it's selection of hard-to-find huaraches. Spun off as a separate site, Changunga.com refocused on being a portal for Hispanic information and products. Now, Huaraches.com no longer directly sells sandals, huaraches, and leather-ware.

Changunga.com and Huaraches.com Logos

Instead, we have chosen to focus on providing a source of information about huaraches and sandals. We refer visitors to different types of huaraches and provide information and history about the products. We hope you enjoy the site. In the future we will be porting over much of the old Changunga information in order to provide an even more thorough resource for people. Bueños Dìas!

In our latest iteration, we are including more real-time product data including expanded price comparison shopping!

What is a Changunga?

A changunga is a small, round berry roughly the size and shape of a cherry. They are usually yellow in color with a sweet taste and texture. They are found in Southern Mexico and throughout Central America.

Although they are better known as Nances, the people of Michoacán, Mexico refer to the sweet fruit as Changungas.

Changunga is also the childhood nickname of one of our founders. We feel that Changunga represents a bright, happy, playful experience.

Huaraches.com was developed from Changunga.com and now focuses on all things related to huaraches. The two sister sites now provide information and shopping services for the Hispanic & American market.

Our Sister Site

In an effort to expand education on sandals around the world and to help provide shopping guides and product resources for a range of sandals, not just huaraches, we launched SandalGuide.com.  Sandal Guide is your guide to the world of sandals.

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Huaraches Tip

Huaraches come in all different shapes, styles, sizes, and colors.

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